Rugby World Cup Bitcoin Betting – Go on Ireland

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Part of our Bitcoin Gambling series

Earlier in the year, I made a bitcoin bet on Ireland to win the six nations, and after our great opening win against Canada, I thought that I would see what bitcoin sports betting options there are from our betting list, and see which would take a wager from me on Ireland to win the World Cup.

First up I had a look at BitCasino, as I heard that they recently added a sportsbook option. They do have a Rugby World Cup option among the events they have, however, which give odds on the next few matches in the tournament. As well as this, they have an outright winner option, which gave me 8.2 odds (on Monday), so I placed a bet 0.01 bet there, and fingers crossed.

Bitcasino Sportsbook Rugby World Cup bets

Bitcasino has match based, and outright winner bitcoin bets available

Next up I looked at DirectBet next, as I’d used them in the past, and they had a decent range of options in their Rugby Union. They have bitcoin odds for all the matches, with a decent selection of options, overall score, first try, and it varies a bit between matches. There are also overall tournament results there to bet on. So on this, I staked 0.015 bitcoin and the odds I got were 11/1 (on Saturday). We’re doing well in the world rankings, and while our soccer team is average, Ireland have as good chance as any to take New Zealand, England, Australia, France and Wales, especially after South Africa lost to Japan over the weekend..

A good selection of bitcoin betting options for the world cup

A good selection of bitcoin betting options for the world cup

I then had a look at mBitCasino who also have a sports betting option. They had a few options available, and all match based. So I’ll need to come back to this closer to their match to place a bet on Ireland, as that’s what I’m trying to do.

CloudBet also had a very similar range of bets, with only match betting available, so I’ll need to come back to them a little later.

We then had a look at Nitrogen Sports who similarly had only betting on a few matches, and none on the overall tournament.

So overall, Bitcasino Sportsbook and DirectBet were the only bitcoin sports betting websites that would let me place a bet on Ireland to win the tournament. Many of the other sites I checked had betting suspended for the matches they did have listed, as you can see from the screenshots, and wouldn’t let me place a bet on the winner of the tournament.