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The Trezor Model T (right) compared to the older Trezor One (left)

We’re big fans of Trezor Hardware Wallets, having used them for several years now to secure crypto (mainly bitcoin and ethereum). So we were delighted when Satoshilabs, the creator of the wallets and Slush Mining Pool asked us if we’d like to get our hands on one of the new Model T . So as the first in our series of articles about the new model of the original crypto hardware wallet, we’re going to look at how you can order one and have a look at what you get for your money, then look at how you can setup and migrate your wallets from the old Trezor One to the new one, and then a review of the wallet to see what it can do.

So to start with, the first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the official Trezor Shop. At time of publication it costs €149 + VAT, which includes free normal shipping by post which should arrive in 7 days, with dispatch within 2 days of order. Once you add it to your cart, you have the option to order some extra accessories should you choose. These include extended 6 foot cables (the normal are about 1 foot),  an Android phone connection cable, and a keyring charging/sync cable. All of these are a couple of euro. For those who are really worried about their private keys, there is also the option to purchase a Cryptosteel, which is a steel item which comes with 250 double sided engraved letters. From this, you can save the first four letters of your recovery seed (as opposed to writing them down), and unlike the normal paper backup, this will survive pretty much anything, from fires, water damage etc.

Proceeding beyond this, you’ve three options for shipping (to Ireland). Normal postage is included, if you want 1-3 day shipping you can choose UPS for €10, or if you want 1-2 day delivery you can pick DHL for €15. As in our previous unboxing we’d done the normal post which was fine, this time we tried DHL. The Model T was ordered at around 3pm on a Monday, and it was shipped the following morning just before 9am. DHL knocked on the door on Wednesday afternoon around 2pm with the bright yellow envelope, so it really was that quick.

So with the Trezor Model T in hand, what do you get for your money?

Opening the box, you get a nice black and white packaging, about half the side of a DVD case. Once you slide off the cover, your wallet is on display through a window, and you open up the packaging which seems to be connected using a magnet. Inside there your wallet with the USB connection port covered by a hologram to show you if it’s been tampeted with, and a small accessory pack. Inside the accessory pack are some trezor stickers, a USB charge/sync cable that’s about 30cm long, a small userguide, two sheets for you to write down your recovery seed. Unlike the Trezor One, it doesn’t have a loop for putting in a lanyard, but instead it comes with a magnetic thing about the same size, which you can stick to a surface, and then mount the trezor to.

So we’ll next look at how to set up your wallet from scratch, or if you’re like us and are migrating from an older wallet, how to do this.

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