About us:
BitcoinsInIreland.com is a specialist bitcoin publication with a European focus and a worldwide readership. We write all of our own content for bitcoin hobbyists, gamblers, traders and miners across the world. We’ve steadily grown our readership from 0 in August 2014 to 4,000 unique visitors a month in late 2016 as we cover news about the Irish bitcoin scene, reviews of mining pools, exchanges, gambling sites and other bitcoin accepting products and service. We also as maintain lists of working bitcoin faucets for newcomers to the blockchain.

In addition to this, we have conducted a number of surveys on bitcoin usage across the world through #BitcoinSurvey2015 and #BitcoinSurvey2016

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You can contact advertise [at] bitcoinsinireland [dot] com to organise advertising.

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Our website features a limited amount of banner inventory in 728×90 and 300×250 sizes. Advertising with us supports what we’re doing (as we reinvest advertising revenues into our reviews), and lets you put your brand in front of our readers, who are interested in buying, selling, trading, mining, betting and spending bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies. We accept a variety of payment methods including bitcoin and Paypal.

We use 2/24 frequency capping by default on all banners unless requested otherwise. We don’t oversell our capacity, and campaigns generally deliver over 4-16 weeks. Packages including editorial content through our promoted posts are priced individually. All advertising is subject to being in line with our editorial policy.

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Where is your traffic from?

Our worldwide readership

Strong in Ireland, with readers from across Europe, North America, and beyond!