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About us: was established in August 2014 and is a specialist bitcoin publication with an Irish focus and a worldwide readership. We write all of our own content for bitcoin hobbyists, gamblers, traders and miners across the world, and are Ireland’s longest-running cryptocurrency website. We’ve steadily grown our readership since August 2014 as we cover news about the Irish bitcoin scene, reviews of mining pools, exchanges, gambling sites and other bitcoin accepting products and service.

In addition to this, we have conducted a number of surveys on bitcoin usage across the world through #BitcoinSurvey2015 and #BitcoinSurvey2016

Where is your traffic from?
We’re an Irish site first and foremost, and around 50% of our traffic comes from Ireland. However, being established for as long as we have, we receive traffic from all over the world, with the US and Europe generating about a third of our traffic, and the balance coming from across the world. Our traffic is largely derived from organic traffic around the topics we cover.

Our worldwide readership
Strong in Ireland, with readers from across Europe, North America, and beyond!

Submit a Press Release has a dedicated section for press releases, as well as inclusion on our main news feed on our homepage. Publishing of press releases “as is” is available for €60.00 per release, which are flagged as press releases in line with our editorial policy and published on our homepage feed and Crypto Press Releases section. If you would like to submit a press release for publication to us, please send €60.00 to 3JN8hmEgYjELa8iSzQBdttZkXh7v1f4ssx and then email us the transaction id along with the press release and an image to [email protected]. Please note, we reserve the right to reject any press releases, and if we do so, the fee will be reimbursed less miner fee.  If you would like to pay by ethereum or paypal, please contact us first for the relevant details.

For companies based in Ireland, we offer a 33% discount to on this rate to publish press releases, although depending on what the story is you can also pitch it to [email protected].

Advertising with us – Banners

We’re not the largest site on the internet, however our website features a limited amount of banner inventory in 728×90 and 300×250 sizes. Advertising with us supports what we’re doing (as we reinvest advertising revenues into running the site), and lets you put your brand in front of our readers – for a reasonable price over a decent duration – who are interested in buying, selling, trading, mining, betting and spending bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies.

We only sell a limited amount of advertising each year, with campaign delivery times dependent on our organic traffic volumes which pretty closely track the bitcoin price, as well as the number of other advertisers sharing the space. We generally limit each slot to no more than 3 different advertisers, although for a 3x premium on the rates below, we can consider exclusive placements.

Banner Advertising prices:

# Impressions 5,000 15,000 25,000 40,000
CPM Price  €5  €4.75  €4.50 €4.25
Normally delivers over  1-3 months  3-6 months  6-9 months 12-18 months
Package Price €25.00 / BTC equivalent  €71.25 / BTC equivalent  €112.50 / BTC equivalent  €170/ BTC equivalent

How do I order advertising?
You can contact [email protected] to organise advertising directly with us.

We accept a variety of payment methods including bitcoin, ethereum and any altcoins supported by shapeshift. Advertising terms and conditions are available here. All advertising supported editorial content or press releases are subject to being in line with our editorial policy and is clearly flagged as commercial content or a paid press release to be transparent to our readers.

Advertising with us – Betting sites has long established betting lists, through which we promote a number of crypto betting sites, and have driven over 1,100 bitcoin worth of bets through our links since the site launched in 2014. We have a 6 month support package available for crypto betting sites which includes featured listings on our casino list, inclusion in our site-wide betting sidebar, 728×90 banners on our gambling content, and a factual and honest “look at” article about the site, showing how it works to a player. These packages are available for €600.

For non-featured, or new affiliate relationships, please be aware that for any new partnership, should we choose to accept one, promotion will be limited to the casino listing sites until revenues are generated, and our listings are ordered by historical revenue. We regularly remove under-performing or non-performing casino’s from our list.

Advertising with us – Events
If your organisation is running a commercial event (ie not free tickets), we have a package available from €495 which includes some banner inventory, promotion across the sidebar in the entire site, as well as some support in the run up to the event and depending on availability during the event itself.