About Bitcoins In Ireland

BitcoinsInIreland.com was set up In Dublin, we’ve several bitcoin ATMs, a café where you can buy pints, food and coffee, and a couple of other businesses accepting bitcoin run by enthusiasts.

We launched in August 2014, and has been steadily building up a readership as we go about writing our experience using our mining rig to review a wide variety of bitcoin products and services, as well as looking at the various bitcoin mining pools that you can join. We also look at exchanges you can buy and sell bitcoin, or take a punt in some of the bitcoin gambling sites that exist. And for people looking to get their first (tiny amounts of) bitcoin, we maintained several lists of free bitcoin faucets where you can get your first free bitcoin.

Our site has been set up to help newcomers to bitcoin understand what it’s all about with plain English explanations to help understand how to buy, sell, mine and trade bitcoin, with a strong focus on original content about the local Irish bitcoin ecosystem where we can. It’s unregulated, it’s revolutionising the fintech markets, and it’s a way to get that tenner you owe your brother in Australia in minutes. But with all new ecosystems comes the good, the bad and the ugly. And that’s what we’re doing, putting our hard earned bitcoin where our mouth is, and sharing our experiences with our readers, warts and all! As we’re based in Ireland, we have a preference for European based companies, and we do our best to check out any companies as much as we can if we are promoting them through affiliate links. We have a clear editorial policy which you can read as well.

What bitcoin stuff have you done?

We’ve been involved as hobbyists with Bitcoin for about 10 years now. I initially started mining bitcoin, but wasn’t generating much so instead I generated a couple of litecoin instead over at wemineltc.com . We had generated a small amount when the difficulty was low, and the value was only a few dollars. We’d forgotten about it for a while, and when the prices were high, we transferred them to a wallet and sold about 2.5 LTC for $28 dollars each on BTC-e, which then turned into bitcoin. Found our way to Bitcoin Armory, which is a fantastic free and secure wallet that sits on your computer (with paper backups if something goes wrong), and with this, we started to learn a bit more about bitcoin. For the first half of 2014, I got Bitcoin payments successfully integrated and working with a new offline Irish games portal, and we thought to set up this site to share some of our learnings about Bitcoin for the casual reader.  In the second half of 2014, we set up this site, as well as the Bitcoin Marketing Team, to bring the experience from marketing video games to the Bitcoin ecosystem, which has been running and working in the blockchain space for over 6 years.

How do you start generating bitcoins?
We had originally been mining bitcoin on laptop, which was a bad idea. Firstly, it was getting hardly any crunching power, but from leaving it on long term, the heat eventually ran along the metal, through the hinge, cooked the cabling, cracked the left part of my screen, and warped the hinge which split the case. As well as melting a few usb ports! So $100 BTC up, €450 down, but the guys at Back from the Future in Dublin’s Aungier Street fixed everything back up for me.

How do you generate bitcoins now?
So €450 better informed, then we got a few cloud mining contracts in December 2013, and a six month contract from March to September 2013. We invested in our own hardware, using this to generate bitcoin, and review the various mining pools out there, giving an idea of the balance between more luck and smaller payouts, less luck with higher payouts, and how big changes in overall pool mining power can benefit smaller miners. So hopefully help some new miners will enjoy the site, and not make some of the mistakes we did!

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