The English language #BitcoinSurvey is now closed. Proof of payment for the 1 bitcoin in prizes is available here.

This article, published in April 2015, contains the report on information from the responses to the Bitcoins in Ireland Bitcoin Survey 2015.


The survey has received responses from 51 countries across the world, plus a couple of unknowns that were submitted via proxies. The majority of those responding got into bitcoin in 2013 and 2014.

The age profile of responses shows that the respondants are generally in their twenties, thirties or fourties, and heavily male (despite several ad campaigns promoting the survey at females via Facebook and Twitter), with 89% of respondants being male.


Over 51% of respondents are actively using bitcoin with 27% of respondents saying they’ve used bitcoin in the week prior to them doing the survey, and 22% saying that they had made a transaction that day. Respondents are also actively recruiting people into bitcoin, with 80% responding saying that they have gotten friends, family or a company to use bitcoin. 28% also reported that they had gotten several friends to use bitcoin.

On wallets, 99% of respondents said they had one, with 30% saying they are using a desktop wallet, and 26% using a mobile wallet. Paper wallets came in third at 15%, followed by the Bitcoin Core at 13%. 72% responded saying that they have tried several bitcoin wallets, and found one they’re happy with, with just 11% saying they hadn’t found one they’re happy with yet. 16% have lost access to a wallet, although most people responded that this was either in the early days, when bitcoin was worth nothing, or if more recently, it was a nominal amount.

On exchanges, 80% of respondents said they were registered with an exchange, and 25% of respondents use it to buy bitcoin for themselves to spend. 26% of respondents said that they had lost some bitcoins due to an exchange being “hacked”, closing down, or their exchange account being compromised.

On bitcoin faucets, 89% of respondents knew what one was, with 32% responding they used them a few times, and 20% saying they regularly use them.

On bitcoin gambling, 51% of respondents replied that they have used a bitcoin gambling site, with dice roll sites clearly the most popular with 38% using them.

On bitcoin mining, 37% identified themselves as bitcoin miners, with 62% commencing mining during 2013 and 2014. When asked on how often they have purchased mining hardware, 31% responded once, and it’s not in use, and equally 31% answered several times, to give themselves more hashing power. Very few reported problems with hardware.



By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

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