Bitcoin Marketing Team (which I run), and Parker Stewart Recruitment have come together to organise a new series of in-person meetups in Dublin.

These will be alternating between industry only events, the first of which took place on Friday 24th February, and are giving people working in the crypto space an opportunity to network and meet in person. These do require you to be working in a crypto company, with manual vetting of all applications, but you can apply to take part over at . These will be running every other month towards the end of each month.

During the other months, there are a series of public meetups, which you can find the info and join at These are also open to industry, and will take on the form of a series of crypto business focused talks, looking at how to market crypto, as well as how to build a career in the crypto industry. These are free to attend, and will have some networking opportunities. These are aimed at start-ups in the sector here in Ireland, as well as those looking at getting a job in the industry.

By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

A staff writer at who covers a range of topics on the site.