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rollin-logo is a straightrforward provably fair dice roll game that lets you bet your bitcoin. The site contains a faucet giving you 750 satoshi to let you try the game.


Once you visit, it will automatically sign you up using a cookie, so make sure to finish registering your account, bookmark unique the login address and set an emergency bitcoin address. The site uses mbtc as a units, but you can bet smaller amounts. When you bet, the provably fair code will generate a whole number between 0 and 99 that you can bet on the outcome of.

The game takes a 1% house edge, and features a levelling system which drops to 0.8% as you bet more. Also, levelling your account gives you a larger amount when you want to use the faucet.

For our review, we went into the deposit screen and generated a bitcoin address. We lodged 25mbtc (0.025 bitcoin) onto our account, and it was available to play within one network confirmation. That was about six minutes in our case. For withdrawals, once your original funds have been confirmed four times, you can withdraw winnings, and in our case a withdrawal flashed to our wallet in about ten seconds.

When you’re betting, you choose your bet size, tweak the high/low number you want to aim for, and see your chances of winning. You can bet with small amounts to get the hang of the game, and risk more when you understand it better. A handy function of is that it has some keyboard shortcuts, so you can quickly move to play the game. also features a robot roll feature, where you can put in your rules and let it play. It’ll run until you stop it, or at a predefined number of roles, and you can stop at any point.

The game also features a chat box which seems to be fairly active, as well as simple and clear tutorials and stats, while the game runs in the background.

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