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999Dice is a simple betting game that lets you roll a virtual dice and pick a number that is higher or lower than one generated by the system. If you’re right, you win the bet, and if you don’t you lose. Nothing more complicated than that! The site also contains a sometimes available faucet, giving you a small amount of free bitcoin on your account to start playing with. But this is limited to 0.00000999, and you can’t withdraw, but it will let you get some free bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin or ethereum bets to begin with to let you get to grips with the game. It’s recommended you search for a calculator for this game too, so you don’t blow all your coins the first time you play!


999Dice is a simple but long established betting site, where players can lodge bitcoin to their account, and place high or low bets on a provably fair bet. The site is very open about how it works, and is called 999Dice because it pays out 99.9% and there is only a 0.1% house edge, with no transaction fees (other than the standard bitcoin network charges) for withdrawals or lodgements. Funds are available shortly after sending them, and only a small number of confirms are needed before it will let you withdraw them, and withdrawals are processed automatically on request.

The game itself is simple. With your lodged funds, you select a bet size, and can choose from a number of variables that will improve or reduce your chances of winning. The potential profit adjusts automatically. You then place your bet, either high or low. A random number between 0 and 999,999 is the generated by the system. If it fits in the high or low range you selected, you win.

It also features a bitcoin faucet which is open from time to time, giving small amounts of bitcoins into your account that you can bet to try the game out.

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