A review of Dublin’s latest Southside Bitcoin & Ethereum ATM2 min read

So following on from the recent annoucement of new bitcoin and ethereum ATM’s in Dublin and Cork as well as the closure of GSM Solutions which hosted the only other ATM in the city, I’ve been meaning to try out the latest (and as far as I’m aware only) crypto ATM in Dublin.

So on a recent visit to town, I swung by Pair Mobile which is located on 32 Wicklow Street (close to Brown Thomas) to try out their ATM. Walking into the bright and clean store, I was greeted by friendly staff who pointed me to the

Being familar with ATMs from previous reviews, I found it pretty straight forward to use. To right right of the machine is some information, which says that purchases under €250 require no verification, purchases between €250 and €500 require you to put in your mobile number which will send you a code to let you make the purchase, while purchases over €500 will require ID verification with the staff which can take about half an hour.

For the purpose of this review, I kept it simple, bringing €20 with me to make a purchase. I tapped the screen and selected buy. I selected my limit, and then took out my phone, opened my wallet, got the QR code to receive funds and scanned it. After a few seconds, it then brought me to the screen to insert cash. I fed it €20 and it offered me the rate, with a fixed fee of €1.50. When I was ready I hit buy btc, and seconds later it said transaction complete. You also have the option to get a receipt emailed to you.

So overall I was impressed with the experience. The location was easy to find and centrally located, the store bright and welcoming, and the experience using the ATM itself took less than 3 minutes, and that was with me stopping between steps to take the photos for the review.

So if you’re looking to buy bitcoin with cash in Dublin, this is your only option right now but it’s recommended and easy 🙂

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