2 new Bitcoin & Ethereum ATM’s in Dublin and Cork

Bitcoin ATM’s are few and far between in Ireland, but we’ve recently got an email in from a company called Boinnex which has placed two in Ireland, which gives a new option for people looking to buy bitcoins with cash.

In Dublin, you can now visit Pair Mobile in Wicklow Street which has a bitcoin ATM mounted to the wall, and you can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum for cash.

Bitcoin & Ethereum ATM in Pair Mobile

For the first time, Cork gets a bitcoin ATM which is located in Your Local Shop on Lower Glanmire Road opposite Kent Train Station. In addition, this shop is accepting bitcoin for coffee and groceries by making a payment to the QR code that they generate at the till.

Bitcoin & Ethereum ATM in Your Local Shop Glanmire Road Cork

Next time we’re in town, we’ll do a review of how the ATM works and post a follow up article.

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