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Welcome to the survey. This survey is aimed at people across the world to get an understanding of the type of people who use, mine, trade or have a general interest in bitcoin, plus those who’ve never heard of it before! This survey covers a variety of things in the bitcoin space, and covers 35 questions, but not all have to be answered.

Because of this, and we really value your input, you can optionally put in a bitcoin wallet address in at the end of the survey. We have three monthly prizes of 0.25 bitcoin in April, May and June, which will be distributed in five prizes of 0.05 bitcoin after we randomly select a wallet address using a suitable web tool. We’ll get these picked from the previous month’s participants, put up a notice on the site, and send the bitcoin on their merry way across the blockchain.

At the end we will also have a top prize of 0.5 bitcoin which will be given to someone who hasn’t won one of the other month’s prizes, which will be sent when the survey results are published in July.

What will they be? Who knows, have your say today!

The Bitcoins In Ireland team

P.S. A discussion forum for this survey is at here

Do Survey -> Click to do #BitcoinSurvey 2016

By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

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