My 3DS had broken shoulder pads

So we’ve covered GSM Solutions a couple of times on the site, reviewing their bitcoin terminal, and . The company is also behind the Irish Bitcoin Association, and have been at the forefront of promoting bitcoin in the media for the last couple of years. The shop, aside from selling bitcoin, has a variety of services, and repair services for consoles, phones, computers and other electronics. Their display cases also contain a range of old-school mobile phones in their Mobile Phone Museum, and some vintage Nintendo machines, including a Famicom, and Sony consoles in their Games Console Museum.

Battering our computers and other gadgets as we do here at Bitcoins in Ireland, we recently had a reason to try out their non-bitcoin services, but pay in bitcoin. In our case, it was a Nintendo 3DS which had broken L and R shoulder buttons. So that was as good a reason as any to pop down to their store in Lower Abbey Street.

I had a pretty good experience end to end with the repair. The staff were very efficient at taking my 3DS in, giving me a quote of €65, and making it clear that given the particular type of repair I needed, it was going to take up to two weeks for the part to come in. I’d paid for smaller repairs on the buttons on the 3DS before, but this time I wanted the whole mechanism replaced.

Less than three days later, I got a text message informing me that the part had already arrived, and the repair was underway, and only about an hour or two later, another text saying that it was ready to be collected. I popped down to the branch with my reciept, and collected my 3DS. The repair was simpler than they had expected, and I ended up being charged €55 for the repair, with a three month warranty. Happy days.

I said that I wanted to pay in bitcoin, and the lady behind the counter directed me to a tablet they had in the till area, and quickly got the transaction ready on screen. Now one thing, I’m six foot two (about 185cm), and even though the tablet was on a secure movable thing, I still had to reach to get access to it. However, they use bitpay and the transaction went through very quickly.

So overall, the process worked very well, and my 3DS is working again, so happy on both fronts. There wasn’t a blink when I said I wanted to pay with bitcoin, and the entire process was handled very efficiently. So if you’re in need of a computer or console repair, and want to use bitcoin to get them repaired in Dublin or Ireland, I can happily recommend them for the work they did in my case.

By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

A staff writer at who covers a range of topics on the site.