Bitcoin Mining Pool Rankings

Here at Bitcoins In Ireland, we review mining pools that our Antminer S1 review rig use after we hacked them to mine lots of pools concurrently. We know that picking the right pool is one of the most important decisions you can make.

The kind people at have given us a load of data about bitcoin mining and block creation, since the first by Satoshi himself on January 3rd, and then 9th 2009. This will let us get plenty of information to update our list of mining pools, so we can properly flag which ones are dead, active and new. This data will help you see what your options are, who’s finding blocks, and how different mining pools fare against each other. Your mining pool choice is up to you, and you’ll like one because of it’s interface, fees, or community.

So we’re starting in February, with January 2015 statistics, and December 2014 statistics, and will work out way back through them to have a proper side by side comparison of pools and their success in mining, and see how this evolves over time.

So enjoy, and if you want to nominate a mining pool for us to look at, please feel free to contact us.

Bitcoins In Ireland Mining Pool Charts

Monthly rankings

Mining Pool Market Share February 1-28 2015
Mining Pool Market Share January 1-31 2015

Mining Pool Market Share December 1-31 2014
Mining Pool Market Share November 1-30 2014
Mining Pool Market Share October 1-31 2014