So we’ve been listing the different events on our Irish Bitcoin and Blockchain Event Guide and given that all three of the people who work on the site were in town, we went along to Against the Grain for the meetup at the end of February.

The meetups are the longest standing around, and two of the long-term organisers were there on the day, as well as a mix of people with development, finance, trading and general interest in blockchain, numbering about 15-20 across the night.

As is tradition at this point for these kind of local events, we brought along one of our bitcoin mining rig with us for the night, so people could have an oogle at how obsolete our antminer s1’s were, and also the meetup group was actually marked our now, in response to some complaints we relayed to the organisers from readers who attended the events before, but couldn’t find the group.

The night was packed with sometimes vibrant discussion, and people seemed to move around a good bit to talk to each other which was great to see. However, the one draw back was that the venue, while serving fine beer, don’t accept bitcoin at the till, so there’s definitely an opportunity for a pub in Dublin who maybe has a tablet or mobile behind the bar to accept bitcoin on these kind of nights, now that busyfeet and coco has moved away from being the venue of choice since they removed their bitcoin atm. So stay tuned to the event guide, and you can join the Dublin Bitcoin Meetup as well for the next time they run one.


By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

A staff writer at who covers a range of topics on the site.