As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on February 14th, Motherboard have put together a fascinating 9+ minute documentary with the owners of several bitcoin mining operations in China. This documentary lets you see how large-scale bitcoin mining is going, and while they do recycle or reporpose older hardware, it’s crazy to see how bitcoin mining equipment seen as cutting edge just a few months ago, is literally thrown in a heap. As things go through a bit of a “generation shift” from older, first and second generation hardware, with the current versions (fourth or fifth?), there are opportunities for new entrants into the market, coming on board with cheaper electricity, better hardware and so on, while others have to reinvest to stay current, or just be happy with diminishing returns.

But the most notable thing was the endless buzz of fans. Note to people working in there, I hope you’re using earplugs!

By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

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