Feed money into the bitcoin atm, nom nom nom.Feed money into the bitcoin atm, nom nom nom.
Dublin's second bitcoin ATM, at Busyfeet & Coco, South William St
Dublin’s second bitcoin ATM, at Busyfeet & Coco, South William St

[5th February 2015 Update – The ATM in Busyfeet & Coco has now been removed. Read here for more information] You can visit our Buy Bitcoin page to get bitcoin right now if you can’t get to Dublin to use the alternative Northside ATM, or read about the new (in May 2019) Southside ATM as well as the Cork ATM.

So here at BitcoinsInIreland.com we always try to cover bitcoin news around the country. A little while ago, we noted that Dublin’s second bitcoin ATM was in installed this year, giving people a simple way to walk up, put in money, and get bitcoin sent to their (generally) mobile wallet. So at a recent Bitcoin Dublin meetup, which go on every second Wednesday from about 6.30pm at the café, we thought it would be good to review the process of buying bitcoins, step by step.

The café offers some nice food, drinks and alcohol, giving those looking to get a few beers in bitcoin a chance to again, as the Baggot Inn stopped accepting it last year when it changed ownership. They also accept bitcoin through the use of a bitpay tablet at their till, and I’ve been in there a few times with different members of staff serving me, and all of them had no bother getting it done in a busy café environment.

If you walk in, and down the stairs, perched in the stairwell is Dublin’s second bitcoin ATM, which is a skyhook model. There is some general information about bitcoin, but not a user guide as such, so I’ve put together this little step by step guide to show how it works. Apologies for the poor photo quality, but I needed the flash as it was evening when I was in.

Once you walk up to the ATM, you will need to give it a bitcoin address through a QR code for your wallet address. Then you feed in money into the ATM (I only tried twenties), and it will give you the market price for the amount you have, and then you hit send to send it to your wallet. See the steps below, and click the photo to see it in full screen.

Just a note on the price it charges, I checked the euro price on my phone at the time, and the bitcoin ATM only added a few percent over the market rate.

Just keep in mind, if you are planning on buying bitcoin to spend in the café, you’re better doing this at the start of your trip, as it may cause problems if you immediately go to the till, as the network needs to confirm bitcoins before you can use it, anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on your choice of wallet.

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