List of mining pools who have mined bitcoins

Thanks to the very handy tool over at, we have collated a list of mining pools that have mined bitcoins since the start of the network. We also have more up to date block finding counts here. This list isn’t comprehensive as a number of private pools and solo exist, but this is giving us a guide which we are using to review the various publicly available pools with our bitcoin mining review rig.

Looking for more recent block finding data for mining pools? Check out our Bitcoin Mining Pool Charts category

Pool NameAll Time Blocks 12-Oct-14Alive?Public?Review
Unknown/Private Miners0.5513
  BTC Guild0.0966YesYesOur BTC Guild Review
  DeepBit0.0957NoClosedUnavailable to review
  GHash.IO0.059YesYesOur Review
  Slush0.0385YesYesOur Slush Review
  Eligius0.0287YesYesOur Eligius Review
  DiscusFish / F2Pool0.0262YesYesOur Discus Fish / F2Pool Review
  50BTC0.0197TBCTBCUnavailable to review
  BitMinter0.018TBCTBCOur Bitminter Review
  EclipseMC0.0175TBCTBCOur Eclipse MC Review
  ASICMiner0.0096TBCTBCUnavailable to review
  Ozcoin0.0059YesTBCOur Review
CloudHashing0.0054TBCTBCUnavailable to review
  KNCMiner0.0035TBCTBCUnavailable to review
  Polmine0.0023TBCTBCOur Polmine Review
  Cointerra0.002TBCTBCUnavailable to review
  AntPool0.0016TBCTBCOur Antpool Review
  TripleMining0.001TBCTBCOur Triple Mining Review
  BitAffNet0.0003YesYesOur BitAffNet Review
  Mt Red0.0002TBCTBC
  ST Mining Corp0.0002TBCTBC
  Satoshi Systems0.0001TBCTBC
  MMPool0.0001TBCTBCOur Triple MMPool Review