If you want to try to invest in online trading, with or without robots, you can certainly contact a serious broker, such as eToro. The platform can allow the opening of positions on a large number of assets, including cryptocurrencies.

Trading with CFDs, which is the one proposed for virtual currencies by the broker, can ensure significant advantages over direct ownership of the asset. Buying directly involves having first to have a wallet or the electronic wallet delegated to the conservation of digital coins.

Also, it exposes the trader to cyber attacks that are now a rule on the web. It should also be considered that trading with CFDs does not oblige you to invest large amounts of capital. There are many options in case of Profit Revolution.

 Is Bitcoin automated trading a scam?

When it comes to automatic trading, the association with the term “scam” comes up. We can, however, speak of a real forcing, perhaps derived from some events such as that relating to Bitcoin Code.

Also, in this case, we are faced with a classic robot, called to operate based on the set parameters. According to many insiders, however, here we are in the presence of a real scam, even if we still do not reason based on judicial judgments that have become final.

There are some facts from which it is impossible to ignore — starting from a completely absurd promotional campaign, such as to generate suspicions in those who know that trading can certainly generate profits but only after hard work.

Another element on which the creators of the Bitcoin Code have been caught in obvious contradiction is the indication of the supposed creator of the method. At the same time, in the sites of other countries, the name varies according to latitude. A figure too sensational to go unnoticed.

A successful automatic trading model: eToro

However, it should be stressed that a successful and certainly not fraudulent automatic trading model has been about for some time now and is the one represented by eToro Copy Trading. The method developed by the Israeli broker, also known as Social Trading, allows those who register to take a cue from the operations put in place by the most experienced traders.

In other words, it is possible to view the success statistics of certified traders who agree to act as forerunners, to decide which one to follow and copy their strategies by a thread and by the sign.

Copy Trading has met with great success in every corner of the globe, allowing eToro to increase its clientele exponentially, adding to the many positive features it boasts and starting from the safety levels.

EToro has also opened digitized trading to Bitcoin and some of the more prominent Altcoins, including Ripple and Ethereum.

It should also be stressed that eToro allows you to take advantage of a demo, or simulated, version that perfectly reproduces the scenarios that open up on the markets, without aiming for real money. In this way, it is feasible to test one’s level of preparation and the validity of the notions learned. Not a small advantage, given the degree of complexity of the financial markets, especially for a beginner.

Beware of scams

The increasingly evident interest of public opinion, however, has unwanted consequences, such as the many scams that, in recent times, have targeted unwary users. In this category, according to someone, automatic trading should also be registered, or that carried out with particular software, which would be able to capture market signals and exploit them.

Robots are already widely used by large investors and investment funds to try to increase the number of positions to be opened exponentially. Given the volumes involved, it would be impossible to do it manually.

What’s the problem?

These robots should be used properly. If someone says that you can go to sleep and leave the task of cheating to them, it says something that is at least not true. The software must be programmed in the best way and must not be left free to perpetuate an error indefinitely.

A job that can only be accomplished by professional traders and certainly not by those who have just started trading online. A fact not to be forgotten if you want to avoid a freezing shower on your finances.

Conclusion: A series of fundamental parameters must be set up, starting with money and risk management. Besides, it is necessary to establish what the time may be to abandon the positions, with appropriate Stop Loss and Take Profit Revolution.

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