UPDATE 8/12/16: This group seems to be making some progress, and while a company in the name of Blockchain Association has been set up with a director listed on LinkedIn. They have stated that they will be launching the organisation on the 14th December 2016 which was mentioned in a recent Irish Times article (with details confirmed here and up on our event guide at http://bitcoinsinireland.com/events/blockchain-association-of-ireland-to-launch/) , as well as organising a conference in 2017, but we will wait and see what happens. The new website is at http://www.blockchainireland.org/ where they are taking membership applications.

Original article

We just thought we’d make a note to let people know that a group of people from the local scene have established the Blockchain Ireland association in the past month. Not much information is available now, but is is distinct to the Irish Bitcoin Foundation which has been quiet for some time now, having taken down their website last year.

You can find some information on them at http://blockchain-ireland.com/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/irl_blockchain


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