A look at the Cheaper Than Steam service

So as we’ve been generating some bitcoin for a few months with our reviews of bitcoin mining pools, we were looking forward to Bitcoin Black Friday to spend some of it. Looking through the offers, I came across which had the Ubisoft game Watch Dogs on a 60% sale. While other sites such as Steamloader let you buy vouchers to be redeemed on game stores, this site lets you buy the games directly. In my case, it was buying the license keys for a uPlay version of the game.

Once you are on the site, you have a choice of games. It’s not the most extensive range of games I will admin, but there’s plenty of big name games you’d want to buy. At time of publishing, this included the new football games, Titanfall, and a number of others. These either get you steam keys, which at the moment is matched by a free random steam game, or else codes valid on the uPlay or Origin platforms. The games are priced in dollars.

Once you have picked your game, you can check out using either coinbase or bitpay. After a couple of network confirmations, you receive the code in your email. In my case, I got two codes, one for the main game, and then one for an add-on pack. I was able to download the normal uPlay client, log in and redeem the key, which started downloading the game straight away. So the site does what it says it does, and the whole process took maybe about half an hour. So in review, if you are looking at getting a game for bitcoin, it’s worth checking the site out to see if they have something that takes your fancy.

By BitcoinsInIreland Editorial Team

A staff writer at who covers a range of topics on the site.