Last updated: 9th January 2016

Bitcoin journalism is mixed between people who are hobbyists, as well as qualified card-carrying journalists, and bitcoin enthusiasts across the world. Therefore it’s often hard to understand the point of view.

So we have put together this editorial policy so you know exactly who we are, where we’re coming from, and what the site is about. Keep in mind this is a site ran by a small team in Dublin Ireland. Our background is in video games.

The editor, Jamie McCormick started, back writing online back in the dial-up days of 1998, with a tiny little review site on the nascent Irish internet. In 2000, this became (which ended in 2004) which at it’s time was a specialist games site. We didn’t do news, as everyone did that, but we covered the few Irish events that went on, reviewed games, but it was only ever a hobby.

The next ten years was spent going through games companies in Ireland, Gamesworld prior to it’s takeover by GameStop, Demonware before it’s purchase by Activision, being Operations Manager at the first licensed Xbox Live Gaming Centre in Europe on South William Street, Dublin, and then working with Jolt Online in their game developer. I then spent five years working in Japanese publisher GALA Networks Europe (aka gPotato), which were recently taken over by Korean game developer Webzen, then tried for a year and a half to make a living working with indie game developers here in Ireland. In all these jobs, I was the other side of the table, being in a PR or Marketing role, and dealing with journalists for coverage, or winning them over by whipping out a SNES pad to play a MMO on a laptop when free to play was looked down at in 2009, before apps made it the norm. was founded in August 2014, as a way for me to write about my experiences as I figured out this whole bitcoin thing and to cover the local Irish bitcoin scene. I’d mined on my laptop and did damage to it, then leased 12ghs for 6 months with a supplier who let me move it around, not tied to a particular pool on which I generated some stats for BTC Guild and In September, a local bitcoin enthusiast did me a really good deal on four antminer s1‘s, showed me the ropes, and pointed me in the direction where I hacked them to run on nine pools concurrently, allowing me to go through the various bitcoin pools I was seeing on, so I could set up accounts with a load of them, and go through them for the mining pool reviews we do here. I made some bitcoin, and bought some more at a local atm, and started reviewing a couple of cool things I came across in video games, and things I came across in the bitcoin black friday sale.

Subsequently, and after founding Bitcoin Marketing Team to work with bitcoin companies needing marketing help, I began to earn bitcoin, and then began the process of reviewing several bitcoin exchanges and reviewing the process of selling bitcoin into euro.

So this is why we have a clear Editorial Policy, outlined below.

1. We are a commercial site.

2. We cover things we find cool, or that we can see lots of people are using, or things that we have come across in our use of bitcoin.

3. We scrutinise products we review in a step by step manner looking at how the user flow is, and if it does what it says it does. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we don’t cover it.

4. We may cover bitcoin products and services that have affiliate programs if we feel it’s useful. However we will not promote things we think in our opinion are scams, ponzi schemes, or areas we have concerns about the fundamental viability of (and keep in mind we’ve steered clear to date of bitcoin cloud mining). Where something is an affiliate link, the article will be clearly flagged as a promoted piece.

5. Sometimes there will be a crossover between the site and our marketing firm’s clients. This will be flagged as a partner post.

6. For the rest, we just come across things as we go and cover them, or get suggestions from our readers who contact us.

7. We’ve written about faucets, so know the risks. We can’t guarantee they’re safe for work and are implementing an age gate for any content aimed at adults over 18 such as bitcoin gambling, and for the effort to be worth it. just buy a penny worth of bitcoin. But they’re a fact of life with bitcoin, and one of the main entry points into bitcoin for a lot of new users.

8. We’re generating some bitcoin from our mining, buying it if we need locally, and getting some in through advertising. We use this to put our bitcoin where our mouth is on reviews we do. If you like what we’re doing, we have a donation address 1CuHQBMvmRSdqEjLTGDVpWo1DhJ83HFsW9 set up.

9. Bitcoin is risky, unregulated, and the price is very volatile. We’ve written a risk warning so please read it.

10. We’re happy to take criticism. We know things change a lot so we regularly go back over our content to make changes if things change.

11. Comments – We had a massive issue last year with late-night trolling which spilled over from bitcointalk, and disabled comments in response to stop this. We may switch these on in future, but for now they’re off. Tweet @BTCinIreland which is just as public.

12. We’re not always right. Articles written on our site is just our point of view, but we’re taking a video games journalism-style approach to the way we look at bitcoin. We’re not traders, or big holders. But we think bitcoin needs something like what we’re doing, and hope you agree. If not feel free to contact jamie [at] bitcoinsinireland [dot] com or via LinkedIn.

13. is owned by McCormick Advanced Marcomm Services Ltd, a Dublin based marketing and technology firm. We do lots of things, but is our specialist publication and the is our marketing & communication services division.