One of Ireland’s largest brands goes “crypto” as Club Orange launches BitsCoins1 min read

One of Ireland’s most beloved brands, C&C’s Club Orange, has gone crypto and launched a promotion on bottles of their tasty fizzy orange drink. The bottles are prominently branded with a variation of the bitcoin’s B, albeit with the leaf of the orange, and are promoting their website

While the bottle says they’re using a cryptocurrency, they aren’t in reality, other than 1 bitscoin is worth 0.00000001, a homage to the 8 decimal places in a bitcoin. So no ERC-20 token, trading etc ;p

Instead, you can register with the website, and over the period enter every day with your email and phone number in order to accumulate varying amounts of bitscoin, which in turn can be redeemed for 93 prizes during the period (which runs to the end of December and a final draw in March 2020). These prizes include Club Orange merchandise, Ryanair Vouchers, iPhone 8’s, Nintendo Switch, Just-Eat Vouchers, or a drone.

We’ll reach out to C&C and see if we can get some more info on the promotion.

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