Bitcoin is now getting a lot of attention from the public. The spread of Bitcoin in Japan is lagging behind that in the world, but the use of Bitcoin is expanding rapidly, supported by the hosting of the Olympic Games. So let’s learn how to use Bitcoin now so that we can keep up with the times!

 Prepare your wallet before using Bitcoin!

To start Bitcoin, you first need to make something like a dedicated wallet to store your own bitcoins, and this wallet is called a wallet.

In fact you can use it is to be used even leave the bought a bit coin on an exchange, but the risk of hacking and the risk of bankruptcy is Exchange There is also, you cannot use it very safe. It will be slow after Bitcoin is gone, so make a solid wallet!

Recently, the cryptocurrency has leaked out due to hacking of BITPoint, which was popular for its security.

Wallet type

*             Desktop wallet: stored offline on PC

*             Web wallet: stored on the Internet

*             Mobile wallet: Store with smartphone application

*             Paper wallet: stored by paper

*             Hardware wallet: Stored on a dedicated terminal

The wallet can be classified into desktop wallet, web wallet, mobile wallet, paper wallet and hardware wallet depending on the currency storage location. There is also an article about coin geeks about each wallet, so please read it. Use the profit bitcoin for doing the bitcoin trading.

A desktop wallet is a wallet on a PC that can be managed in an offline environment. It is easy to use and has better security than a web wallet.

Web wallet is a wallet that can be managed on the Internet. Since there is a risk that the site will be hacked and I am worried about security, I think it is safe to use only a small amount of money.

Mobile wallet is a wallet that operates as an application on iPhone and Android. The point that you can carry around is that it is basically a payment from your mobile wallet when you use the store. However, like web wallets, there are security risks, so avoid storing large amounts.

A paper wallet is a wallet that is stored on paper. This is one of the safest storage methods and is used for long term storage.

The hardware wallet is stored on a dedicated terminal. As it is stored in an offline environment, it is a security wallet that is as secure as a paper wallet.

Use of bitcoin:

Use for shopping:  Bitcoin can also be used to pay for regular shopping. I think it will be easier to understand if you can imagine payment with a transportation IC card. The card itself is a wallet, and the amount of money on the card corresponds to bitcoin.

The recent boom in Bitcoin has increased the number of stores that accept Bitcoin payments, so I think Bitcoin payments will become even more popular in the future.

Bitcoin payments introduced everywhere! We solve all your questions about usage and taxes!

Many people may be interested in the news that the number of shops and websites that accept bitcoin payments is gradually increasing. All the questions about Bitcoin payments, such as where and how to use it, and whether it costs taxes, will be solved in this article!

Utility bill payment: Recently, it has become possible to pay utility bills using Bitcoin. Coincheck, a virtual currency exchange, has started a service called Coincheck Electricity, and if you register as a user on Coincheck, you can pay for electricity with Bitcoin. Moreover, this service will save you 4 to 6% of your electricity bill if you try to pay for it with Bitcoin.

In addition to Coincheck, bitFlyer, which is said to be the largest exchange in Japan, has launched a bitcoin payment project for gas charges, and it seems that it will soon be possible to pay gas charges with bitcoins as well.

 Donation: Activities to support people who are in trouble due to disaster or illness with Bitcoin are spreading. Coincheck is offering services in the form of crowdfunding for the donation.

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