Bitcoin is fast becoming a trusted medium of payment in online casinos around the globe. However, many people often wonder if the only way you can use bitcoin in a casino is to make deposits. The answer is No. You can also make bitcoin withdrawals, and this article will walk you through how they work.

Receiving Bitcoin Payments

To make a bitcoin withdrawal from your casino account, you will have to proceed to the banking interface and click on the button for Bitcoin withdrawal. Once you move to the interface, you will then be able to choose the amount you desire to withdraw. The next step after that will send your funds back to the Bitcoin Wallet account out of which you made your deposits.

Some casinos are now generous enough to let you fund your casino account using any of the full Bitcoin increments or making use of a fraction of a Bitcoin. These casinos will also let you bet on each game you choose to play using any fraction of a Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, there are some online casino sites that will need to exchange your Bitcoin deposits of a calculated value into casino credits at a specific rate of exchange. Once that is done, you can play with the casino credits. When you desire to cash out, the credits will then be changed back into Bitcoins or converted to a fraction of a Bitcoin using the same exchange rate that you had when you purchase your casino credits. That is one thing that you must remember before you delve into crypto withdrawal in an online casino.

How Long to Receive A Bitcoin Payment?

One thing players must keep in mind the withdrawal time frame. The pending and withdrawal times in a casino can and will vary from one website to another. It is your method of withdrawal that will determine how long you need to wait. To avoid any delay, you can simply check the fast payout casinos on

However, many of the best Bitcoin Casinos are known to offer instant payouts to casino players. As such, once you have successfully requested a withdrawal, it will begin to process and get back to you almost instantly! The very best Real money Bitcoin casino operators should guarantee efficient services like this.

Thus, you won’t need to wait for long whilst the withdrawal is pending. Of course, you will never be at risk of having the withdrawal reversed and losing it back to your selected casino site. Unfortunately, many casino players go through this hassle when opting for a new withdrawal method. In conclusion, making gambling withdrawals using bitcoin is possible.

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