If you want to understand what blockchain usually looks like, then in simple terms it would be a giant spreadsheet that is distributed all over the world digitally. If we take all the computers as a whole only then you will be able to say that the blockchain technology is complete. The owner of this spreadsheet is very one who is in the network. You make a change and others will be able to see that change. The technology works with peer to peer. Hence, there is no need for powerful intermediates.

Every small change is viewed by the other, so the transaction gets the testimonial of all the viewers. Hence, it can be used as one of the safest ways to use for transactions.

The Key Components of the Blockchain

The blockchain technology is composed of three key components. Each component has its own share of the workload.

1.     Peer to Peer Networking

All the computers are connected with each other with the peer to peer networking. This network lack one main server to control the network. Here in this network is the main computer as well as the subpart of the network simultaneously. If a change is made in the one computer, the same change is made on the other comp[uters as well.

2.     Consensus Protocol

Consensus protocol means that with the peer to peer network, all the connected computers need to have a joint agreement for adding or removing the block from the computer. This is controlled by the consensus protocol.

The rules are written in the software, so everybody can see the rules as all the computers are in the peer to peer network system. The main purpose of this software is to make sure that all the computers in the network are in synchronization and are in agreement with one another all the time.

3.     Blockchains

The agreement that is made by all the users is known as the blockchains. The blockchain helps to verify the change in the data and notify all the users of the data change. All the data that enters the database are linked with the previous entries and the new link is been created.

How Blockchain can Influence the World?

This technology has already started to affect the socialization of the people. Blockchains are being thoroughly used in the trading market. All the traders share mutual trust when it comes down to the investment with blockchain technologies. And the things that are just being mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

One of, the product of the blockchain technology is the cryptocurrency. And we all know how effective this cryptocurrency has been in the oast few years. Many app-based platforms have been created to maintain the cryptocurrencies. One such platform is the Bitcoin Lifestyle App. This app is famous for its user-friendly approach. The Bitcoin lifestyle app is supported by the automated AI features that help you with the information you need to make trading decisions.

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain has become an inseparable part of life. If you will notice carefully this technology is used on many platforms. The blockchain technology has already surpassed our expectations and is still going strong. The full potential of the blockchain will be decided by the time we watch how this technology gets saturated in our life.


Blockchain technology is still under the experimental phase, only time will tell what potential this technology holds when it matures into a complete technology. For the time being, you can only use what it has to offer.

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