Event guide updated with February and May events1 min read

There hasn’t been many event so far this year, but there are a number of upcoming events we wanted to let our readers know about.

A newly formed Blockchain Meetup group is running a meetup in 4 Dame Lane on February 21st at 8pm at 4 Dame Lane. Check out https://bitcoinsinireland.com/event/blockchain-drinkabout/ for info.

The long standing Dublin Bitcoin Meetup group which we have covered in the past, and attended events, has announced a social on Monday February 27th from 7pm in Against the Grain in Wexford Street with info in our listing at https://bitcoinsinireland.com/event/bitcoin-social-feb17/

The recently formed Blockchain Association of Ireland has listed on their website that they are planning a Dublin Blockchain Week, with three events, a two day hackathon, an event called Deepgreen Conference and another called BECON Conference which are all provisionally penned for the 15-18 May 2017, although at this time there is no idea for costs to participate, nor locations.

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