We always like to hear about cool things crypto related, and we recently got contacted by Jason Burwood, the creater of a brand new crypto board game which will be launching on Kickstarter soon.


Board Games and crypto don’t normally go hand-in-hand, but as there’s a ton of people who like both, this sounds like an interesting project and we’d like to share it with our readers. It seems like a cool idea, and if you enter your email address on the site linked below, you will find out when the kickstarter is launching and getting a discount on the price. It might be an ideal birthday or Christmas present for the crypto fan in your life!


Press release is below.

Crypto Millionaire Board Game to launch on Kickstarter

The board game Crypto Millionaire was originally conceived back in Feb 2018 by myself, Jason Burwood and is now ready to go into production.

The game was born out of merging two of my passions: creating tabletop games and the world of crypto.  

I’ve only been following the crypto scene since 2017, but like so many others, I’d love to see cryptocurrency and the blockchain deliver all the benefits it has to offer to the world. Part of that journey requires greater adoption and education and I’ve designed the game to help with both of those.


It’s been so much fun to marry the brand-new technology of blockchain with a familiar style of play tabletop game. So far, whenever I’ve created a game, I’ve done my best to make it really versatile, a game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. I guess that probably comes from my desire to connect and enjoy playing these games with my own kids. I also love that it’s a fairly level playing field for all ages to play and win, as my seven-year-old daughter will testify to on more than one occasion!

Another fantastic benefit of the game that lends itself to helping with crypto adoption, is that it works extremely well as a tool for crypto enthusiasts to share their own passion for cryptocurrency with friends and family in a light hearted easy going way. As the game grows in popularity, I’d be really interested in looking at the idea of helping to facilitate ‘play & chat crypto’ groups as a fun way to meet up, play the game and talk crypto!

The game has been thoroughly play tested with friends, family and crypto meet-up groups and has had amazing feedback, this feedback has invaluable for making tweaks to the game along with my own sparks of imagination that can add a new element of play or a twist in the game to make it more fun or engaging, as an example, I’ve just upgraded to 12 sided dice to spice things up a bit! I have no doubt it will continue to evolve over time


In my role as lead creator and CEO at Satori Games Ltd, I have travelled to China on several occasions, building relationships with manufacturers, getting prototypes made and other key aspects like meeting freight forwarders to ensure all goes smoothly with the upcoming Kickstarter launch. Initially, the game was created with pseudo projects in the game and then in moment of inspiration, I decided to include real companies and organisations. Having real life blockchain projects in the game makes a huge difference to the education level and relevancy of the game, Included in the game is an introduction into each of the projects. For the launch edition, the 16 featured projects are: Bitcoin, nem, Ravencoin, Ternio, Nano, Aeron, BADcoin, eBoost, Rapids, Webdollar, SkyCoin, PAC Global, Selfkey, The Divi Project, DragonChain & Neblio.

After 25,000 copies of the board game have been sold, I will be introducing a new group of projects to be featured in the game, in fact the list for the next edition has already started!

We’ve been building up and preparing for the upcoming Kickstarter launch for well over a year and are just adding the final details for the launch. We have been working really hard to deliver a truly fantastic game that you’d want to play over and over and looks good too, if fact we’ve just taken the opportunity to give the game a complete graphics makeover at the same time as adding the new projects to the board and we’re just super exited to get this game out now.

We’ve timed the launch with the intention of delivering the games for Christmas, it’s going to be pretty tight and we can’t make absolute promises, but we’ll do everything in our power to get the games to people in time for Christmas, especially as it’s one of the most popular times to play tabletop games and also I expect a number of them could be gifts.

For those interested in getting a copy of the game, I’ve arranged a VIP Club that will get access to the secret first day of launch. Only VIP members will be notified of the launch day. The general public will be notified on day 2 for its 25-day Kickstarter campaign. Follow the link below to join the VIP list…


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