After several months since the first announcement in which SpaceCatch, a crypto project that took the industry by storm, disclosed to the public that they were beginning their $CATCH token presale phase, now, in early February 2024, SpaceCatch announces that they have completed their presale stage, raising a total of $3.37M.

This presale comes after over a year and a half of active development of the SpaceCatch game and its ecosystem.

$CATCH Presale: Community, Public, and Final Round Concluded Swiftly and Successfully

SpaceCatch, a crypto game referred to as “the PokémonGO Killer” since its early phase, recently announced through a post on their X account (Twitter) the successful conclusion of the $CATCH – Final Round token presale. This final round witnessed a remarkable sell-out within just 42 hours!

For SpaceCatch, this presale phase represented an entire journey that encompasses three key steps:

  1. Community Round – a funding round exclusively open to community members.
  2. Public Round – a public sale accessible to everyone.
  3. Final Round – The last funding phase allowed participants to buy $CATCH at a discounted rate before the token’s official listing.

Recognizing the significance of their community and aiming to reward early supporters, SpaceCatch initiated their presale with a dedicated community round. This demonstrated their commitment to providing substantial opportunities for those who had been part of the project from its inception. 

During this phase, $CATCH was offered at an exceptionally attractive price, resulting in an impressive community investment of $600,000.

Moreover, understanding that not all community members could participate in the community round, SpaceCatch extended the opportunity in the public round, successfully raising $1.6M.

The final round, which started on February 1, saw SpaceCatch securing an additional $1.17M. Remarkably, this round concluded in under 42 hours, underscoring the project’s huge enthusiasm.

In a span of six active weeks, SpaceCatch achieved a remarkable total fundraising of $3.37M, engaging 5322 unique wallets in the acquisition of $CATCH. This success reflects the project’s strategic approach, community focus, and the undeniable excitement it has generated within the crypto space.

After these incredible milestones that SpaceCatch accomplished, it remains poised for continued growth and success as it progresses toward its next crossroads. The team thanks the community and all participants who contributed to this success.

On the Road for Claiming, Listing, and Staking $CATCH

Following the resounding success of its presale, the SpaceCatch team, together with its dedicated community, is gearing up for the following essential stage of the project – the Claim + Listing + Staking phase.

Thoroughly curated and meticulously prepared by the SpaceCatch team, this phase is poised to begin at the end of March 2024. The team’s strategic planning and commitment to excellence underscore their dedication to delivering a seamless and rewarding experience for SpaceCatch enthusiasts.

As this phase unfolds, culminating in the listing of SpaceCatch, anticipations run high for a surge in the token’s value. The imminent listing on multiple crypto exchanges will significantly enhance accessibility, presenting an optimal opportunity for both the general public and crypto enthusiasts to engage with the project.

SpaceCatch envisions this next stage as pivotal in its journey, poised to elevate the project’s visibility and accessibility. 

With the Claim + Listing + Staking phase on the horizon, the SpaceCatch team invites its community and the broader crypto ecosystem to join them on this exciting venture.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is a blockchain-based game at the forefront of innovation by seamlessly incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies alongside other powerful elements and an immersive narrative that has captivated gaming enthusiasts.

In the vast SpaceCatch universe, players, known as Catchers, are entrusted with a vital mission – to restore peace to Earth invaded by aliens. These extraterrestrial beings boast diverse powers, presenting a formidable challenge for Catchers. 

However, players have the opportunity to enhance their abilities strategically, gearing up for an effective confrontation with the alien threat.

As we already mentioned, SpaceCatch introduces two distinctive game models: Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E). Both models invite users to delve into the complexities of Earth’s alien threat within the SpaceCatch galaxy. 

Notably, the M2E game mode provides a unique experience by seamlessly blending the SpaceCatch world with real-life details and surroundings through the power of AR.

As SpaceCatch continues redefining the gaming landscape, players find themselves at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and an engaging narrative, making it one of the most enthralling blockchain-based games.

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