All Allcom Bitcoin Related Sites & Services Offline1 min read

The Allcom Group, which includes GSM Solutions, where Dublin’s only bitcoin atm resides, for many years has run a number of Irish bitcoin related services, with a number of the first Irish bitcoin related or accepting services.

However, we have noticed that since before Christmas, their entire suite of bitcoin related services are offline. These include the Bitcoin Foundation of Ireland website,, a bitcoin broker,, a clone of’s block explorer,, a bitcoin price ticker,, a point of sale bitcoin terminal and, the website for the aformentioned ATM.

The Bitcoin Foundation website had been offline for much of last year, coming online only briefly to be updated to link Bitex as a member of the Blockchain Standards Authority of Ireland. GSM solutions tweeted in January that the sites were down for “maintenance”. Their bitcoin ATM is still useable as we popped into check last week on Middle Abbey Street, but staff had no comment when asked about if or when the websites would be back up.

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