Starting with the English Football League, LassoCoin is creating the first-ever 100% crypto holder controlled sports team. LassoCoin will save a 100+ year old football club on the brink of bankruptcy due to COVID, providing the club with capital to develop into a serious contender and earn a promotion to the Premier League.

LassoCoin is about disrupting the outdated model where billionaires own sports teams but are focused on profits and not the fans. Long-term, LassoCoin plans to expand into the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, E-sports, etc.

More than 50% of all English Football Teams are currently for sale, as the pandemic has significantly impacted revenue. Currently, teams rely primarily on ticket revenue and valuations are down sharply from 2019. LassoCoin has already raised over $2 million and will be able to purchase a team that was selling for over $30 million just a few years ago for around $10 million. LassoCoin is well on its way to having the capital to purchase a club by mid-2022.

LassoCoin’s focus will be on developing alternative revenue streams to support the club’s growth. In the near-term, LassoCoin will target streaming, jersey crypto sponsors, merchandise, NFTs, and stadium rights to grow the club’s balance sheet. LassoCoin’s CEO and Founder, Jim, describes LassoCoin’s enormous potential as, “Long-term, promotion to the Premier League will make our growth parabolic – worth at least $200 million in annual revenue alone – and all profits will be passed back to $LASSO holders.”

LassoCoin holders will control every major club decision. Owning $LASSO gives you a voice and the ability to choose everything from the mascot and jersey design to the roster! After the English Football League, LassoCoin is coming for every major sports league.

Launched on December 15, 2021, LassoCoin has already built a community of over 500 holders. The LassoCoin community is growing by the hour under the principles of transparency, positivity and ambition.

If cryptocurrency money can buy the United States Constitution – why can’t it buy a football team?

How to Buy

$LASSO is listed on PancakeSwap and is available for purchase now! Details can be found on


While crypto’s meteoric rise has unfortunately invited fraud to the space, LassoCoin is deeply committed to accountability. LassoCoin’s smart contract has been audited for vulnerabilities for transparency and the liquidity pool is locked.

LassoCoin’s founders are passionate about transparency, investor engagement, and furthering public trust in the project. On Telegram and Twitter, the project’s founders will work with each community member individually, if required, to establish total investor confidence.

About the LassoCoin Team

At LassoCoin, our founders are former investment bankers who have spent years helping raise capital for large acquisitions. Their dive into crypto was driven by a realization that there’s never been a more efficient way in history to raise capital from the public.

Getting in Touch

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