Buy a range of gold bars and coins from mints around the world


Amagi Metals is a gold, silver, platinum and metals retailer based in Denver, Colorado, USA. They offer a wide range of items for sale and accept bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and paypal. They ship to Ireland using United States Postal Service, with an estimated delivery time of 1-4 weeks, and all items are insured against loss or damage in transit.


Amagi Metals offer people looking to invest in gold, silver, platinum and other base metals, a way to convert their virtual bitcoin holdings into very real metal that they can use to store value. They ship internationally, with postage available to Ireland and the rest of Europe through USPS. Their shipping policy states that it generally takes 3-5 working days after cleared payment to ship the item, and then another one to 1-4 weeks for delivery, but normally post from the US would take in the region of 2-3 weeks. They also state that all shipments are insured against loss or damage in transit.

Depending on your budget, they offer their metals in different formats. The items come in a mix of coins, bars and fractions of the different metals, from a mix of national mints around the world. It features a good variety, letting you get your hands on the likes of the American Gold Eagle in various weights, the Canadian Maple leaf, Chinese Gold Panda coin, Austrlian Gold Kangaroo coin and a variety of others.

They also offer various weights of the precious metals they offer in bars and smaller fractional weights, meaning that there is an item at everyone’s budget, whether it’s for a few euro for a gift, right the way through to several hundred for larger quantities. They are also well reviewed on Reddit and Bitcointalk.

The ordering process with Amagi Metals is straightforward. Add your items to your shopping cart, checkout, and select bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies). Fill in your details, remembering to put your phone number on the order (so that your friendly post-man can reach you, especially if you live in an apartment). The you are offered a price. You can then close out the sale in the timeframe you are allowed by sending the bitcoins to the specified address. Given the way bitcoin works, you may not immediately get an order confirmation, but after a couple of hours your transaction will be verified several times and your order should complete.

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