Bitcoin Faucet Pages Retired

Having done a thorough review of the content we publish here on, we have decided to retire any ongoing or future promotions of bitcoin faucets. These have been a bit part of the bitcoin scene since pretty much the start, however as many of these have changed hands in the recent years, and Google culled many bitcoin faucets from their network, and as of 2021 nearly every faucet we have come across has either a) very dodgy links, or b) very dodgy ads, c) malware or d) has stopped paying out.

As a result of this, and us not wanting to expose our visitors to these kind of issues in line with our editorial policy, we have retired the bitcoin faucets section, and urge you caution when looking for them. The only one that we’ve seen that’s been operating for years, isn’t riddled with dodgy ads and actually pays out (when a 0.0003 btc threshold is reached) is Free

In addition to these, some of the bitcoin betting sites have faucets which don’t have the same kind of issues, although they only give you free credit to play on their sites, as it’s incredibly difficult to reach any cashout threshold. to cash out to your wallet.