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We put lots of effort into maintaining an up-to-date list of working, paying faucets here at! Use one we don’t have on our list, or come across one that is empty or not working? Send us a message to let us know!

==BitcoinsInIreland Verified List of Working, Paying Bitcoin Faucets==
Last updated: 9th October 2016 | Bookmark this page for future reference 🙂
We are not responsible for content or advertisements shown on these sites. But if we see anything unsavoury in our tests, we remove them to be on the safe side.

Pick your faucets, earn free bitcoinHave we verified?Faucet TypeWallet TypeDelay (Minutes)
FreeBitco.inVerified & RecommendedDice rollOwn Wallet60
MoonBitVerified & RecommendedCaptchaOwn Wallet5
Daily Free BitsVerifiedCaptchaFaucetbox60
Bitcoin ShowersCaptchaFaucetbox120
BTC ClicksView AdsOwn WalletVaries
BitcoinkerVerified & RecommendedCaptchaXapo or Faucetbox15
Bit VisitorCaptchaown wallet5

==Bitcoin #Faucetwatch News==
Working – Independent faucets listed here are paying out. Faucetbox is dispensing fine. Xapo also dispensing fine. 
Problematic – Many faucets have been hit by the recent cull by Google, and many are shutting down or reducing payouts considerably.
Dead / Removed – CoinHD has shut down. BitcoinZebra has stopped dispensing and been removed. AlienFaucet has been dropped because they reset everyone’s accounts without notice, causing people to lose bitcoins held. Bitcoin-Cloud & BitPTC no longer working since August 2015. Bitcoin2048 not paying since June. Microwallet not paying since May. Coinbox and BitChest wallets have been dead since October 2014.

How bitcoin faucets work to give you free bitcoin
If you are bitcoin newcomer, one of the ways that you can get your first small amounts bitcoin for free is by participating in bitcoin faucets. These assume you have a bitcoin wallet address already. You can view ads, complete tasks or fill in captchas, gaining very small amounts of bitcoin as you go across faucets that build up their own balance for you, or pool their amounts into web wallets. Once you have passed the bitcoin network’s minimum transaction size of 5430 satoshi for the faucets you’re using, you get a dispense on a cycle automatically, usually once a week or month.